A Brief Review on Popular and Safe Dog Nail Clippers

Walking with your dog is quite a pleasurable experience and it makes up a relaxing daily habit for many people. But your dog’s toe nails may grow fast and you would not want your pet to feel uncomfortable while walking with untrimmed toenails. This is where the best dog nail clippers can help you. It is crucial to remember that safe dog nail clippers vary in brand and design and it would be ideal to choose the best pair for you and your dog.

There are a number of common criteria for choosing a good dog nail clipper and they include the following features:

  • Comfortable Handles
  • Durability
  • Easy utility and maintenance

When looking for the ideal dog nail clippers, you need to put these features in mind.

The Major Dog Nails Clipper Styles

There are a handful of popular dog nail clippers styles in the market these days. These items are continually evolving and changing but you will observe three major styles regardless of the design or brand. The three major types of dog nail clippers include:

  • Guillotine style. The guillotine style is very popular for smaller dogs since they are easy to set on the nails. The nails are positioned inside a metal hoop at the trimmer’s end. As the handles are closed, the metal trimmer slides through the metal loom and cuts the nails. A number of people find the squeeze-type handles more convenient to use compared to the scissor-type variations. The blades however require frequent changing and are not so efficient on big dogs.
  • Miller’s forge clippers. Miller’s forge clippers are mostly applicable on medium sized and small dogs. The trimmer appears similar to ordinary scissors with semi-circular indentations on the blades. The semicircles assume a circular opening once the blades are opened. The nails are then placed into position and cut upon the closing of the handles. Miller’s forge clippers are stronger than guillotine styles and their blades don’t require regular replacements. The handles though are far apart from each other and people with small hands may find it difficult to operate them.
  • Large dog nail clippers. These clippers are majorly intended for large dogs. Just like the Miller’s forge trimmers, they possess handles that are similar to blades and scissors that have semicircular indentations. The blades are stronger and thicker than other clippers and are separate enough for large nails to fit in. The blades don’t need replacement although they can be too clumsy when used on small dogs.

Safety Features of Nail Clippers for Your Dog

Choosing the best nail clipper for your dog is not only concern the efficiency of the item. A very important feature to consider is safety. Do not buy a clipper which you think is too risky to handle.

A Brief Review on Popular and Safe Dog Nail Clippers

The Right Dog Nail Clipper

There is no arguing that the best clippers for your dog’s nails are the once that has a quality material, comfortable, non-slip, ergonomic handles and sharp steel blades. You will discover a lot of branded nail clippers in the marketplace but there are a number of them that would stand out from the rest. Do a thorough search online for such brands and see how they can work for you.

Always remember to select a nail clipper that would match the size of your dog. The three major primary types of dog nail clippers: miller’s forge, guillotine style and large nail trimmers are each applicable to dogs of certain sizes and it would not be so convenient to use a certain type on a wrong dog. The best clippers will enable you to do the best trimming and cuts over your dog’s nails.

You want to occasionally spend some quality time with your dog and the sound of a cracking nail would spoil the fun. If you think your dog’s nails need trimming, then you need to think about getting a dog nail clipper and start trimming his or her nails as soon as you can. It will give you peace of mind to know that your dog’s nails are properly trimmed and that he or she feels comfortable about it.