Professional Dog Grooming Kits that You Ought to Have

If you really love your pet dog, you should give enough time to groom him/her. Grooming your dog can be a fun and great bonding experience between the dog and the master. But of course, you can just groom your dog with any stuff that you can find at your home. You as an owner should have the needed professional dog grooming kits.

Before grooming your pet, there are some things to consider in maintaining the look of your pet, particularly if the dog is in a peak condition. These include grooming preparation, how to bathe the dog properly, clipping guides, dental hygiene, nail care, ear care and many more. To ensure that your dog looks good and healthy, it’s a must to have the right grooming equipment that they can use to maintain their well being. Different breed of dogs need various grooming supplies and equipment to maintain its fur in best condition.

A dog owner must be aware that grooming your dog will not only affect its general look but also its health and overall condition. In case you are not aware of what a professional dog grooming kits contain, here’s the list.

Dog Soap

There is a special kind of soap for dogs. This soap for dogs is made with ingredients that will surely kill the bacteria and germs that lodge on your dog’s body. Of course, this kind of soap comes in varieties too. There are non-scent ones and those that have very irresistible fragrance. Your dog will not only be germ-free but smells awesomely good.

Anti-itching Shampoo

If you often notice your dog scratching his hair, well this will surely damage not only his fur but his skin too. That’s why, anti-itching shampoo for dog is a must have. This cleansing shampoo is made exclusively for pets suffering from skin disorders – like eczema, insect bites and infestation of lice.

Dog Conditioner

Well if there’s a dog shampoo, it also has its conditioner too. This will condition the dog’s fur leaving it soft, smooth, and free from damage.

Flea Comb

When you have problem removing your dog’s disgusting fleas, then a flea comb is all that you need. Make sure you buy the one that has widely spaced teeth since this helps in removing fleas efficiently as well as their eggs. Aside from that, this can be used in getting rid of matted fur and tangled coat. Indeed, this is one of the most effective grooming supplies. But, there’s a thing that you should remember in using such, you should be very careful in using this on your dog as it can hurt and cause injury.

Stainless Steel Dog Comb

To untangle the curly or straight hair of your dogs, then a stainless steel dog comb should be used. The coarse side of this comb is perfect for those curly-haired dogs while the finer side is use for the straight-haired ones. So both sides have its distinctive purpose.

Coat Supplement

This is a cost enrichment supplement rich with omega fatty acids to achieve that shiny coat and healthy skin of dogs.

Professional Pet Clippers

Professional Dog Grooming Kits that You Ought to Have

This goes perfectly for those breed of hair dogs. Clippers come in variety of blades. These have fine structure for easy and comfortable use. Clippers are use to control or clip the hair of the dogs during hair cutting or styling.

Grooming Scissors

Since part of grooming your dog is hair cutting or styling, you should always have, with your professional dog grooming kits, a pair or a set of grooming scissors. Just like humans, dogs need to cut or trim their hair especially those overly fury or hairy breeds. With you having your own sets of grooming scissors, you can cut or trim down your dog’s lengthy hair but be very extra careful in doing so to avoid injury.

Ear Drops

The ears of the dogs are very sensitive, so it should be taken with utmost care are too. As you groom your dog, don’t fail to put some ear drops to overcome ear infection cause by germs or bacteria. Ear drops help in minimizing pain, swelling and exudation of the affected ear. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects in relieving inflammation, discomfort and it will completely kill the causative agent.

Nail Cutter

Since dogs mostly spend their time outside your home, dirt from the outside will probably lodged on their nails. That’s why you must clean your dogs nail with a nail cutter and have it trimmed every week. Sometimes, overgrown nails can cause infection.

Bath Towel

As you are all set and done in bathing and grooming your dog, you can’t just let him dry under the sun. It’s important to give your dog its own towel for it to dry.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Your dog should also be given good dental hygiene, too. This can be done with using a good brush and toothpaste. This will help in taking away the left over foods that lodge on the dog’s teeth and even the stain. With regular tooth brushing, it stimulates blood circulation to the gums, aids in getting rid of tartar and plaque and prevents periodontal disease like of gum infection.

Professional Dog Grooming Kits that You Ought to Have

These are few yet essential supplies that professional dog grooming kits should consist of. Now, you can get started in grooming your dog and sure enough you and your dog will have an enjoyable experience together. If you can’t do the grooming all by yourself because of busy schedule, you can also drop your dog at the dog spa or salon to have him pampered. Don’t forget to have his teeth checked regularly by a dentist to ensure that he will have healthy teeth always. Remember that you dog deserve all the love and care in the world. The condition of your dog will also reflect the kind of owner you are. If you regularly give time to groom your dog, he will look better, healthier and live longer with you as his master.