How to Make Dog Washing Soap at Home

There are a lot of commercial dog washing soaps out there but wouldn’t it be more satisfactory to make your own dog washing soap at home? You may not have known it yet but you can make your own dog washing soap at home.

Make Your Own Dog Soap

There is an all-natural and fun procedure that will enable you to make a good soap for your dog. This is a safer and cheaper alternative to commercial dog soaps. The procedure is fast and easy. You can modify the recipe and add your own flavor to it if you want.

This task would perform melting and pouring to make soap and is the least difficult and time consuming among the different procedures. It can be done using only a microwave. You will need a number of materials and it would be best to consult the expert when selecting items like essential oils. There are oils that can irritate a dog’s skin. There also are those like tea tree, citronella or lemongrass oils that get rid of ticks and flicks.

The Process

This process of making dog soap is simple but you still need to follow the steps thoroughly and carefully to have a satisfactory output.

  1. Chop soap into pieces and set it inside the microwave for melting.
  2. Melt soap within the microwave. Different microwaves may have their own distinctive features but the process of melting soap is the same regardless of which microwave you use. You can start with half the power and heat the soap at 2 to 4 minutes intervals. Stirring of the melting soap will be done in between intervals. The soap should be melted thoroughly to the base at temperature ranges in between 155 to 165 degree Fahrenheit. Check from time to time how fast it melts. Stir the melted soap once you reach the temperature range limit, let it stay for a number of minutes, allow bubbles descend and ensure uniformity in melting.
  3. Put a number of essential oil drops to make it more fragrant. Stir gently to mix the essential oil drops with the soap.
  4. Add exfoliates when needed. Stir slowly again and avoid producing bubbles. The experts assert that your additives like exfoliate and essential oil must not exceed two percent as a component of the entire solution.
  5. Put soap within the molds. The best results can be acquired if you pour the soap within the molds at a temperature of 150 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit or 66 to 68 degrees Celsius. Slowly pour the soap to avoid creating bubbles. Let the soap bar/bars cool completely and store it for 24 hours in a container.
  6. Retrieve the bars and wrap them immediately to maintain a good appearance. The soap bars must be stored at temperatures ranging from 40 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Custom Dog Soaps

How to Make Dog Washing Soap at Home

You can customize your soup with a picture of your dog. Cover the picture with a plastic coat, packing tape, cling wrap, or laminating sheets. Introduce the soap mold halfway then allow it to take shape. Put the photograph over the soap then contain the mold with melted soap.

You may also create soap over a rope so you won’t lose your soap and prevent it from falling over every time you are washing your dog. This is not difficult to do. All it takes is drilling a hole within your finished soap bar, thread the rope into the hole and tie a knot around it.