Which Dog Clipper Brand Is The Best ?

Dedicated dog lovers sometimes fall into the trap of buying a dizzying array of electric clippers and blades for their pets. Could this be you? The following checklist will help you gauge whether certain dog clipper brands are better than others. Electric clippers range from the basic home-use, pet grooming clippers to the more fancier ones that the pros use.

Lavishing your dog with the best tools requires doing your homework. There are several different manufacturers that make these clippers. These include Oster, Wahl, Andis, and Conair, among others.


Oster is the most favored when it comes to clippers. This is because the Oster blades are universal enough to be used on any clippers made by another manufacturer. Most clipper blades are made to specifically fit Oster clippers or similar products. The Oster brand began in 1924 with the manufacturing of the hand -operated hair clipper. In 1960, the John Oster Manufacturing Company was bought and became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sunbeam Corporation. Four years later, Mr. John Oster produced the motor-driven clipper. Soon after that, the John Oster Manufacturing Company became the manufacturer of choice for all professionals in the grooming industry.


Wahl invented the first practical hair clipper in 1919 and today has over 2200 employees worldwide. Wahl Clipper Corporation is an industry leader in the manufacturing of products for animal grooming.


The Andis Company was born in 1920 and today the company’s dog grooming products are purchased in over ninety countries. They quickly developed the Andis electric clipper and began the Andis Company of today. Products like the easy clip make it easy to clip small and medium sized dogs. They are 75% more powerful and have adjustable blades with rounded tips. The quiet running motor keeps your dogs calm and stress free.

Which Brand to Choose?

Most clippers come with blades, yet some don’t. Blades are usually marked either by closeness of cut or by their Oster number.(size 10, for example). While there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the clipper brands, if you decide to purchase a brand of clippers other than an Oster, be sure that it’s equipped to use Oster-style blades. Many of the clippers are, but you need to be sure; or you may end up buying proprietary blades that may cost you much more. Keep in mind that if your clipper breaks, you’ll be forced to choose between buying new clippers of a brand that has to match the blades you already have or throwing out everything you have and starting from scratch. The quieter the clippers, such as the ones from Andis help keep your dogs stress free during grooming.

If you find yourself compelled to head for the Oster blades, these clippers are gentle, yet are strong enough to cut through matting. They are also easy to maintain and easy to use. Many professional dog groomers use this brand and even if you need to change blades in the middle of clipping, it couldn’t be easier. On the other hand, the Wahl 9590-210 pet clipper kit has also gathered rave reviews. The most attractive feature about these clippers is that it comes with the cordless option. Many times the cord comes in the way when you’re trying to groom one of your dogs, and it too can handle thick and matted coats. For a in depth comparison, check out this article.


When it’s time to groom your furry best friend, you definitely want to consider the best clipper brands. Not only will you save money on professional dog grooming services, but you can have the very best dog clippers at home without the worry of having to take your dog to the groomer’s. In addition, by simply maintaining your grooming schedule, what better way to bond with Fido?

Dog Clipper Blades: Choose the right ones!

The first things you notice when buying clippers are the different blade sizes. Attentive as we may be, grooming your dog is one of those tasks that many of us studiously question. Which blade for which breed? Can we sharpen them, if so, how often? Here are some general guidelines and recommendations to help you tend to your dog’s grooming needs.

If you’re using clippers just to tidy up Fido’s feet or to neaten up stray hair, you’ll most likely need a set of inexpensive home clippers, Yet if you want to maintain a beautiful show coat (not only for shows but for a good dog coat) between trips to the groomer, a medium-priced clipper with a variety of blades will serve you well. Dogs that need a more professional trim and style, will benefit mostly from the professional-style clippers, that have more than one speed and several blades to choose from. Many of these clippers are available cordless, so you don’t need to have an outlet nearby.

Choosing the right ones

Choosing a blade is like an art form and will depend on your dog’s breed and coat type. Make sure to speak to other owners of your breed about their preferences. Most blades are the full-toothed ones, yet you can still find some skip-toothed blades. These are for the stand-up coats belonging to the Poodle-type coats. Full-tooth blades are only for smooth or drop-coated dogs such as the Spaniel-type coats. Always choose the clipper blade that works best with your breed’s specific type of coat, so as to achieve the result you want. Nonetheless, if you’re not sure about the cut of the blade you’re using, you can try using any one of the many available snap-on guide combs. These combs are perfect for helping you make a uniform cut. Always use clipper lubricant on your blades, to keep them from getting too hot and possibly burning your dog. Lubricant or coolant can be bought through pet supply catalogs or on the Internet. For a burn free grooming session, make sure that the clipper blades do not burn your furry friend. They can become hot and burn. Wipe off all excess lubricant, or your dog’s coat will end up becoming oily. Turn your clippers off and touch them frequently to make sure that they’re not hot to the touch. If they are, spray on coolant. You can also switch blades and let the hot ones cool down on a metal surface, which quickly cools them down.

Different Blades for different cuts!

Clipper blade types can be confusing at first. For hair trimming “around cuts”; and the face and ears use a size 40 cut length/ type 1/100- inch/surgical. Show clips simply demand a size 30 cut length/type 1/50- inch/very close and is for general use, the size 15 cut length/type 3/64-inch/medium is best. This blade type is also referred to as the Poodle blade. The size 10 cut length/type 1/16-inch/medium is for general use, which includes hair trimming from around and in between Fido’s paw pads. The 9-cut/length type 5/64-inch/medium works best for a smooth finish and is also for general use. The 8-½ blade size cut length 7/64-inch/medium is for general use. This blade is also referred to as a Terrier blade. For a full tooth, body clipping use 7F 1/8-inch. The higher the number of the clipper blade, the shorter and finer the cut. Use clippers with a size 10 blade to trim the hair between your dog’s paw pads. When attempting the pet cut, equip your clippers with a size 30 or 40 blade and the right snap-on guide comb set at the correct length for your clip. Remember that if you decide to purchase a brand of clippers other than an Oster, to be sure that it’s equipped to use Oster-style blades. Most clippers today are, but make sure; otherwise you’ll end up with unnecessary costs when buying proprietary blades that definitely will cost more. Blades can be sharpened many times before you need to replace them. Products like Andis Cool Care Plus keeps your blades sharp, bacteria- free and cool.

If you use a half -inch guide comb, you’ll get a half-inch cut. It’s actually very simple. You wouldn’t think of not researching a new product for your child, so why should Fido be any different.

A very important Tip:

Always remember to keep tasty treats close by so that you can reward your dog for his good behavior. Every grooming purchase is the beginning of a love story with great grooming products.

Have fun with your little friend :)

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The best dog clippers? Andis vs Oster!

If you are like me, you are instinctively shying away from buying a pair of quality dog clippers. Why? Because it puts you on the spot. You have finally taken the last step in becoming a dog groomer. You may wonder if you are really ready to give your pet a haircut. Perhaps you have watched dog grooming videos, enrolled in a grooming class. Now it’s your turn to stop pondering your possible future. If you want to be a professional or amateur dog groomer, you need a to shell out the plastic and get your own equipment. But what are the best dog grooming clippers on the market?

Let me give you the advice i give all my clients: Don’t go cheap or you will sorely regret it!

In this article, i’m going to review the two best clippers on the market to help you make the right decision. At the end i will provide you with links to further your research. Are you ready?

Why it makes absolute sense to buy a quality product

You might wonder why i recommend you to bite the bullet and get a quality hair trimmer. Well, there are two main reasons.

Reason #1: Quality. Well, that was obvious, wasn’t it? If you have bought buzzers for human hair you might have noticed, that paying a bit more makes a big difference in terms of how easy you can cut through hair. With pets, getting a powerfull clipper is even more important, because doggies hair is quite a bit thicker than human hair. This is the reason why you can’t use steal your husbands hair trimmer to start your grooming business. I also suspect that he would not like it very much! There are many products on the market. A visit to the pet store allows you to choose between dozens of brands. But beware, these clippers are often of poor quality. The break easily, they overheat and simply do not have the power to cut through thick hair.

Reason #2: Heat & Noise. If your pet is very shy, this can be a problem with cheaper clippers. Overheating clipper blades are a big problem because they can lead to injuries. Noise can scare your dog away and lead to trust issues. If you are running a dog grooming business, this can lead to liability issues. Stick to trustworthy brands such as Andis or Oster. Both are great. Let’s look into their line of quality, yet affordable dog clippers to find out which one is best for you.

Andis 22360 vs Oster A5 Turbo

First of all, don’t listen to what other dog groomers say because chances are , they’re fanboys of either Oster or Andis. It is important to make your buying decision alongside objective criteria. These criteria are: Noise, Heat, Durability as well as Accesories, Handling/Product Design. Let’s start the Fight!

Noise Emissions

It might be true that dog owners have it a bit easier compared to cat lovers when it comes to trimming their little friends hair. Cats are easier to disturb with loud clippers. But if you are grooming pets for money, you may as well run into traumatized dogs who simply refuse to be groomed with cheap and noisy clippers. Imagine how embarassing it would be to have your first client dissapointed because his dog would jump all over your grooming table because your dog hair trimmer is loud as hell. Like i said, the fact that dogs have thicker hair requires a powerfull motor. And Powerful motors are usually very noisy. Only good product design and quality clipper components ensure a smooth grooming. So who is the winner here?

Andis! It’s considerably quieter than it’s competitor Oster A5 Turbo.
1:0 !


Clipper blades rotate at very high speeds to ensure smooth sheering. This is a good thing because it allows you a hassle free grooming experience. But with it comes a problem: Overheating of the blades. Have you heard of razor burn? Imagine grooming a clients dog ..all is fine until the 5 minutes mark. He suddenly goes berzerk and you notice, that there are red streaks all across his skin. Congratulations! You’ve caused your dog a lot of pain because you bought a cheap clipper.

Unfortunatly, this problem is not exclusive to inferior products. The Oster A5 Turbo also tends to overheat after just 5-10 minutes and then takes a generous 45 Minutes to cool down. Oster might have standardized dog clipper blades, but ..well, the Andis is just better in this regard. It simply runs cooler! One way around it is to simply change blades every 5 minutes or apply a special coolant you can buy. Still, i have to give this point to Andis as the AGC22360 is usable for a whopping 30 minutes and cools down faster!

Please note that this isn’t such a big problem if you are trimming the fur of small and toy breed dogs – think poodles or pekinese. Still:

2:0 for Andis!

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Especially if you are running a business, purchasing durable equipment makes a lot of sense. You are going to use your clippers quite often, so a sturdy casing and fail-safe product design is important. You don’t want to re-buy until you are broke. Don’t understimate this fact! In this regard, the Oster A5 is a bit better. Andis isn’t flimsy, on the contrary…but Oster is just a classic and very robust. You may even drop it without having to fear breakage. Although we would not recommend it.

2:1 – Is Oster finally catching up?

Accessories & Product Design

How do both products compare in terms of handling? Well. The Oster has a better design. This is simply the truth. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all: The battery life of the andis is to short. This would not be a problem, if they had included a power chord of sufficient size! The small chord only compounds the problem of a weak battery life. Silly mistake andis!

Then, there are smaller design flaws. For instance, the power switch is placed on the side, so it is quite easy to accidentally switch it off. Clipper Blades are also harder to change. This does not come as a surprise, because Oster basically standardized the clipper blade system. The AGC-22360 also does not come with enough blades. You would need to buy an extra 7FC Blade, if you don’t want to give your dog a buzzcut with the included size-10 UltraEdge Blade!

The clear winner this round: Oster! 2:2


Both dog clippers are good, but which one is the best? Well, it really depends on your priorities. If you can live with some minor design flaws and slightly weaker handling, i would strongly suggest the AGC 22360 by Andis. Personally, i value a quiet and smooth operation and Andis just offers the better product in this regard. I don’t want to live in constant fear of hurting the pet i’m grooming neither do i want to scare him away. This is not to say that the Oster A5 Turbo isn’t worth your money. It also tends to be a bit less expensive and as i said, it is easier to handle and this might be crucial if you are a beginner. You see, it is a hard decision, but a decision you can make right now. Why? Because you know all the facts.

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