How to Make Dog Washing Soap at Home

There are a lot of commercial dog washing soaps out there but wouldn’t it be more satisfactory to make your own dog washing soap at home? You may not have known it yet but you can make your own dog washing soap at home.

Make Your Own Dog Soap

There is an all-natural and fun procedure that will enable you to make a good soap for your dog. This is a safer and cheaper alternative to commercial dog soaps. The procedure is fast and easy. You can modify the recipe and add your own flavor to it if you want.

This task would perform melting and pouring to make soap and is the least difficult and time consuming among the different procedures. It can be done using only a microwave. You will need a number of materials and it would be best to consult the expert when selecting items like essential oils. There are oils that can irritate a dog’s skin. There also are those like tea tree, citronella or lemongrass oils that get rid of ticks and flicks.

The Process

This process of making dog soap is simple but you still need to follow the steps thoroughly and carefully to have a satisfactory output.

  1. Chop soap into pieces and set it inside the microwave for melting.
  2. Melt soap within the microwave. Different microwaves may have their own distinctive features but the process of melting soap is the same regardless of which microwave you use. You can start with half the power and heat the soap at 2 to 4 minutes intervals. Stirring of the melting soap will be done in between intervals. The soap should be melted thoroughly to the base at temperature ranges in between 155 to 165 degree Fahrenheit. Check from time to time how fast it melts. Stir the melted soap once you reach the temperature range limit, let it stay for a number of minutes, allow bubbles descend and ensure uniformity in melting.
  3. Put a number of essential oil drops to make it more fragrant. Stir gently to mix the essential oil drops with the soap.
  4. Add exfoliates when needed. Stir slowly again and avoid producing bubbles. The experts assert that your additives like exfoliate and essential oil must not exceed two percent as a component of the entire solution.
  5. Put soap within the molds. The best results can be acquired if you pour the soap within the molds at a temperature of 150 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit or 66 to 68 degrees Celsius. Slowly pour the soap to avoid creating bubbles. Let the soap bar/bars cool completely and store it for 24 hours in a container.
  6. Retrieve the bars and wrap them immediately to maintain a good appearance. The soap bars must be stored at temperatures ranging from 40 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Custom Dog Soaps

How to Make Dog Washing Soap at Home

You can customize your soup with a picture of your dog. Cover the picture with a plastic coat, packing tape, cling wrap, or laminating sheets. Introduce the soap mold halfway then allow it to take shape. Put the photograph over the soap then contain the mold with melted soap.

You may also create soap over a rope so you won’t lose your soap and prevent it from falling over every time you are washing your dog. This is not difficult to do. All it takes is drilling a hole within your finished soap bar, thread the rope into the hole and tie a knot around it.

Easy Guide on How to Groom Small Dogs

Part of the responsibilities as a dog owner is to wash your dog regularly. Grooming your dog on a regular basis gets rid of certain topical parasites, dry skin and those foul dog smells. It’s a fact that grooming a dog is pretty challenging since only a few cooperate with it. When you are about to wet the dog, they tend to panic and move crazily, making it a hard time doing all the bathing and grooming task. But with such case, how can you really groom a dog especially if it’s a small one? To answer the question on how to groom small dog, here’s a sure fire guide.

With a puppy or a small breed of dog, you need to ensure that you will provide a proper support for their body to deal with their annoying movement or you can use a dog grooming lifter in this case if you find it so hard to manage. Before small dogs or puppies can be groomed properly, they must be used to the idea of being handled. You can begin with a mere brushing and bathing of the fur. You can rub their ears from time to time and have it cleaned. While working on it, you can slowly try to let the dog sit. For most small dogs or puppies this may take some time but not once they have got their selves accustomed of being handled. Moreover, it’s also a must to introduce to your small dog the noise of the running water, tools and the hair dryer, and some other tools you will use for grooming for him to not be afraid. Now, you can now proceed on how you can groom your small dog.

Easy Guide on How to Groom Small Dogs

Just like any other dogs in variety of sizes, you can start grooming through bathing the dog. You must have a dog soap, shampoo and conditioner for that. Make sure that you will first wet the trunk part and not the head of the dog so that it won’t panic. Slowly wet the dog then apply the soap. You can also use a brush to make sure that you evenly soap your dog. You can then rinse your dog, and then apply the shampoo thoroughly. Rinse the dog again and put the conditioner then do the final rinsing. Make sure to avoid any contact of soap, shampoo and conditioner to the eyes of the dog for it not to be irritated.

Once you are done bathing your small dog, wrap and towel dry him. Be sure that the room is dry and free of draft. You can also make use of a hair dryer for faster drying. Brush the coat after it has completely dried. Brushing the coat or fur of the dog after it has dry can remove dander and any loose hair. Remember to use soft brush for your dog’s paws and other sensitive areas in cleaning him. You can also use a detangle spray for you to make brushing much easier.

For the nails of the dog, you can use clippers made especially for small dogs. Don’t just use regular clippers as this may cause injury and will not work on their nails. You just have to clip the nail tip, avoiding the vein. If the vein is not visible, well just clip a small amount for a safer cut.

The ears of your small dog should be cleaned too. With this, a Q-tip can be used to clean the exterior are of the ears and not the inside since the eardrum can likely be damaged with this. Don’t let any water to enter the inside of the ear. Water that goes down into the ear canal can cause infection. That’s why when you are bathing your small dog; it’s advisable to place cotton balls in the ears to soak any water that gets in the ear.

The teeth of your dog are also an important part to be cleaned always. You can use a toothbrush and toothpaste for this that is especially made for a dog. Avoid using regular toothpaste as this is unsafe for your dog if swallowed accidentally. It’s also advised to send your dog regularly to the dentist for check-up and cleanings. The eyes of dog should never be forgotten too. Since secretions can lodge on the inner canthus or around the eyes of the dog, you can just wipe it out using a clean cloth that is quite damped.

As a responsible dog owner, it’s essential that you know how to properly groom your dog. So make it a habit to groom your dog regularly. It will ask 5-10 minutes of your time so it’s not that long. Your dog will surely end up fresh, clean, healthy and comfortable. With this, you don’t only render what’s right for your dog but also can create and enjoyable experience together.